Photo of the Week: Nesting Puffins

05-26-2014 // NWF Staff

Atlantic Puffins

The Atlantic Puffin’s habitat is exclusively in the North Atlantic, wintering from August to early spring on the open ocean and returning to breeding grounds located from Iceland, Norway, Greenland and Northeastern Canada in the north to as far south as the British Isles in the east and Maine in the west. Puffins burrow into the earth to nest between rocks on steep sea cliffs so predators cannot easily reach their eggs and chicks. With a wide range and large population, the Atlantic puffin is not endangered globally, but some local populations are threatened by human activities, and the birds are rare in many areas where they were once abundant. New Jersey photographer Isobel Wayrick took this photo in Western Iceland using a Canon 7D with a 100-400mm lens.

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