Photo of the Week: Algonquin’s Red Fox

06-23-2014 // NWF Staff

Algonquin Fox Pups

Algonquin Provincial Park, in Ontario Canada, was established in 1893 as a result of concerns over the depletion of Ontario’s forests, watersheds and wildlife. Today the park covers roughly 3,000 square miles encompassing five major habitat types and is home to a rich blend of northern and southern plant and animal species. For many people the Algonquin Park is synonymous with wildlife watching—the park is home to 53 species of mammal, 272 species of bird and more than 7,000 species of insect. Photographer Justin Hoffman writes, “I was extremely fortunate to find a red fox den on a trip to Algonquin Park, where all six kits came out to pose for a picture.” The Ontario resident used a Canon 7D with a 150-500mm lens.

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