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Home to an impressive array of wildlife and natural landmarks, California plays a critical role in a stronger conservation movement—a process that begins with education and awareness.


Our Work in California


Certifying Wildlife Habitats

By transforming our backyards, schoolyards and communities into wildlife friendly spaces, we help both people and animals thrive. With over 11,000 homes certified in the state, our goal is to certify communities in representative areas such as Los Angeles, Oakland, and Fresno. Read about the certification of Facebook's headquarters in Menlo Park >>

Wildlife and the City

Imagine thousands of people creating wildlife corridors across a city, such as buildings with edible hanging gardens that feed both people and hummingbirds. Fostering con¬nections with wildlife on a daily basis improves the health of urban communities—and conservation also benefits. We’re working with UCLA on important research to help create city wildlife corridors using our Certified Wildlife Habitat program.

Giving LA’s Mountain Lions Room to Roam

Did you know that a mountain lion is living in the middle of the City of Los Angeles? NWF is supporting the National Park Service and the USGS’s important research on mountain lions and other wildlife in the Los Angeles area, along with trying to build a much needed wildlife tunnel to help these animals move safely. Learn more about this Hollywoodland mountain lion who even has his own twitter account >>

Protecting Porpoises

Our new partnership campaign with Golden Gate Cetacean Research celebrates the return of the porpoise to San Francisco Bay after a sixty-five year absence—and focuses on ensuring their continued residence. San Francisco is now the best place in the world to study harbor porpoises! See how you can join in on the campaign >> 

¡Gente, Huertas, Habitat y Salud! / People, Gardens, Wildlife Habitat, Health

In this landmark “bicultural and bilingual” program, noted environmental leader Elizabeth Sarmiento works with Latino families to create backyard and schoolyard gardens for wildlife and people. Connecting Latino families to the accessible open space in their communities is a key component of this initiative.

  • When Mountain Lions Are Neighbors: Wildlife in Today’s California
    cougar in grass

    In the works is an inspiring book and ebook authored by NWF’s California Director in partnership with Heyday Books that celebrates California’s remarkable wildlife—and how people across the state are personally making a difference for wild creatures.

California Office

In California we're working with the state's diverse communities to connect people to wildlife and nature through a number of innovative programs.

Email: prattb@nwf.org

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