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Here's a challenge! For one day, turn off the TV, unplug those video games, leave your phone at home ... and get outside! 

Today, kids spend more than 50 hours a week indoors in front of electronic devices ... that's equivalent to a full-time job! Yet, studies show that children who spend more time outside have:

  • better overall fitness,
  • better eyesight,
  • less stress,
  • less depression,
  • improved grades, and
  • a better sense of our natural world and become better environmental stewards as adults.

Montana residents now have the opportunity to help change that statistic while supporting outdoor programs by purchasing a National Wildlife Federation "No Child Left Inside" license plate.

 Montana Custom License Plate

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do the proceeds of my purchase go?
    Twenty dollars from every plate purchased goes directly to programs that give Montana's children opportunities and encouragement to get outside and play. In addition to financial support, the new license plate also spreads the message that kids need more time outside exploring, learning, and playing.

    Following are just a few examples of what your donation supports.
  2. How do I order the license plate?
    Montana residents interested in the custom license plate can purchase one through the Montana Motor Vehicle Division. Ask directly for the National Wildlife Federation's "No Child Left Inside" plate.
  3. Can I register my car and purchase the plate by fax?
    Yes, however, fax numbers vary county by county. Check the Montana Department of Justice - Driver Services site to find the fax and phone numbers for your county.


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