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The Wildlife Conflict Resolution Center has been working in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem since 2002 on a program to retire livestock grazing allotments that experience chronic conflict with wildlife, especially grizzly bears, wolves, bison, and bighorn sheep. In 2009 NWF expanded this program to the 1.1. million-acre Charles M Russell National Wildlife Refuge in north-central Montana. Ranchers receive fair payment for giving up their grazing privileges, and typically use the funds to secure grazing in locations without wildlife conflicts.


For more details on where we work, and the locations of specific allotments, please see the maps below (click to enlarge):


Yellowstone Ecosystem Allotments Map                              Charles M Russell Allotments Map

    Yellowstone Grazing Allotments - Feb 2016                                    C M Russell Grazing Agreements - 2015


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