Don Hooper


NWF Regional Representative
Northeast Regional Center - Montpelier, Vermont

Don Hooper is Regional Representative to Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire where he works on mutual initiatives with NWF affiliates the Vermont Natural Resources Council, the Environmental League of Massachusetts and the Natural Resources Council of Maine.

At Harvard, then in Botswana (Peace Corps ‘69-‘71), Don imbibed Chief Seattle’s admonition that we haven’t so much “inherited this planet from our parents as we’ve borrowed it from our children”.  Later, as a gung-ho college teacher, a hippie farmer, a think-outside-the-dots legislator, a “count every vote” Secretary of State, and an ardent lifelong “intelligent tinkerer conservationist” (Aldo Leopold urges us to ‘save all the parts’), Don has always thought it a good idea to try to leave the planet a better place than we found it. 

Driven by a passion to avert the worst consequences of Climate Change for this crowded fragile blue dot of a planet, Don and son Miles Hooper have presented Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth slide show in communities throughout Central Vermont.  The Hooper family lives on a tilted hill farm in Brookfield where the family business (Allison’s, really), Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery, started a quarter-century ago.  No longer milking goats, for fun, Don beats his teenage boys in horseshoes and chain sawing.

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