The Next Generation of Sportsmen

Our collective hunting and fishing heritage goes back thousands of years, it’s in our DNA. These traditions carry on today and are part of the fabric of that is America.  We provide of $70 billion dollars to the economy annually . To put that in context, Sportsmen and women would be the 11th biggest corporation in America.  At $1.6 million jobs hunters and anglers support more jobs than the country’s largest employer, Wal-Mart. These are sustainable, non-exportable jobs that matter. Fishing and hunting are also very important to wildlife conservation through sportsmen's dollars and volunteer time and effort. 

NWF Supports Youth Anglers and Hunters

In order to insure that our traditions and the strong economic driver persist, it’s important that we engage the next generation of hunters and anglers.  NWF actively supports connecting young children to hunting and fishing through our programs, affiliates, government lobbying, and  national partners.

Three generations fishing 


Wildlife Nation

Wildlife Nation is an on-the-ground and online community of cause that empowers and supports adults in getting kids outdoors in nature and building in them an appreciation for wildlife.

The Fishing Campaign is one of the ongoing action areas of Wildlife Nation. Each campaign offers unique opportunities to connect kids with wildlife, and brings together individual team actions to make the collective impact of the Wildlife Nation community much greater.

Be Out There!

Children today spend an average of 7.5 hours per day in front of a screen. This means that children are getting outside less, and as a result missing critical experiences in nature or around wildlife. A decreasing number of hunters and anglers poses many threats, including:

  • Decreased funding for state fish and game agencies
  • Limited relationships between children and the outdoors, known as Nature Deficit Disorder
  • Diminished generation of conservation leaders

Whether it’s youth waterfowl days, summer camps, or fishing exhibitions, NWF and our affiliates are committed to the next generation of hunters and anglers.  However, we depend on families, mentors, friends, and communities to encourage youth further to take advantage of the numerous resources available to access the outdoors. Plan a fishing trip, sign up for hunter education, make time for summer camp, start your own family sportsmen tradition, or get involved with youth hunting and fishing programs in your area.

Affiliate and Agency Youth Resources


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