Sea Lion

With 97 percent of these islands protected as a national park, the Galápagos is one of the world's most important laboratories for the future of conservation, sustainable tourism and wildlife management. Lindblad Expeditions has been our trusted choice for programs in the Galápagos nine years running.

Bachas Beach, Santa Cruz

Why Linblad Expeditions

Lindblad Expeditions believes that respectful adventure tourism can be a key factor in helping to sustain a region and, in some cases, can even repair it. That is why NWF gave Lindblad the Corporate Achievement Award in 2008. Their efforts to encourage greater awareness and participation in conservation projects have included wildlife census projects, removal of invasive species, funding of field research, ecological restoration and the promotion of environmental awareness in local communities.

Why NWF chose this trip

Of course, when "wildlife" is in your middle name, the connection to a place like the Galápagos Islands seems almost instinctual. Just as Darwin recognized this place as a microcosm of larger trends, today we also look to these islands as harbingers of shifting weather patterns and climate change. The Galápagos never stop offering knowledge and information to those who would come to learn more.


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October 7-16, 2011
From $4,730 per person; from $6,030 single rates

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