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More Ways to Help Wildlife

National Wildlife Federation offers a variety of educational opportunities to engage your students. Explore some of NWF’s other program and build learning about trees to your whole school or community.

For Pre-school – High School

Eco-Schools USA- An international initiative designed to encourage whole-school action for the environment. Eco-Schools USA helps schools achieve a smaller carbon footprint, smarter resource consumption, and a curriculum that improves students' academic performance.

Schoolyard Habitats Creating outdoor learning classrooms and gardens provide an educational learning opportunity which uses all the senses, learning styles and provides practical application of learning principals.

Wildlife Watch Observing our surroundings is one of the foundational skills we all use. Wildlife Watch takes the love of nature and combines it with observing wildlife and reporting your findings to increase tracking of wildlife in the US as part of citizen science program.

National Wildlife Week Celebrate the 3rd week in March annually, National Wildlife Week provides teachers and educators with an arrary of thematic activities about wildlife, and what you can do to help them.

For adults and college age students or advisors

Campus Ecology College Students and Young Adults participate in program to Green their campus and community and learn about Green Jobs in their future. By using practical application to knowledge students learn from participating in knowledge sharing and communicating their success and lessons learned to fellow colleagues across the US.

Certified Wildlife Habitat - Grow your love of trees to a love of nature and wildlife by taking four steps to creating a wildlife habitat in your backyard, neighborhood or other community sites.

Awarding Winning Publications

Ranger Rick - Ranger Rick has been an icon for over 40 years takes us on adventures and increasing our knowledge of wildlife and nature. Share the love of nature with someone you know or sponsor a classroom set of magazines. Help to continue the inspiration and love of nature in the next generation.

What's Your Zone?
USDA Hardiness Zone Map 

Wondering what plants can survive in your region?

Use the USDA's hardiness zone map to find out which plants are ideal for planting in your area.

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Helping Wildlife Helps Trees
Great Horned Owl 

Symbolically adopting wildlife helps support our Trees for Wildlife Program

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