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Recent News

Water’s Edge: the crisis of rising sea levels (09/04/14) Reuters Investigates

Why Restoring Wetlands Is More Critical Than Ever (07/28/14) Yale Environment 360

Warmer Climate, Ash Borer Change St. Louis County Tree Options (11/14/13) Duluth News Tribune

Interview: Daniel Zarrilli, New York's Director of Resilience, on Future-Proofing the City (10/7/2013) Next City

The Economics of Investing in Green Solutions to Stormwater Management (9/22/2013) Alliance for Community Trees

The Case Against Rebuilding the Coastline After Superstorm Sandy (9/12/2013) The Atlantic Cities

One Town's Amazing Plan to Lift Its Entire Downtown Above Sea-Level Rise (8/9/2013) The Atlantic Cities

Bloom Town - The Wildlife of American Cities (12/2/2012) New York Times Magazine

Global warming brings southern Ohio trees to Summit County (10/12/2012) Akron Beacon Journal

Simplest, cheapest route to a greener city (8/31/2012) The Inquirer

Built on sinking ground, Norfolk trist to hold back tide amid sea-level rise (6/17/2012) Washington Post

Virginia's dying marshes and climate change denial (6/5/2012) BBC News Magazine

Q&A: Greening the City's Zoning Rules (5/1/2012) New York Times 

Save the Beach or Save Your House: Which Would You Choose? (4/25/2012) CLF Scoop

The High Cost of Losing Urban Trees (4/9/2012) The Atlantic - Cities

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