The Amazon Leather Connection


UPDATE: Stay tuned to see what we have planned for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil! In the meantime, relive some of our work from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Cattle expansion is the largest driver of deforestation on earth. The Amazon rainforest is home to about one-third of all plant and animal species, and as forests are lost so is the wildlife they support.

In Brazil, an area of rainforest as large as the state of Texas has been cleared and is now used for cattle production. Brazilian leather makes it in to sporting goods, shoes, apparel, and accessories sold by many global brands.

In recent months, progress has been made towards the goal of ending further Amazon destruction for cattle. Major companies, including Adidas, Nike, Puma and Umbro, have taken steps to prevent new rainforest clearing in Brazil by pledging to use only deforestation-free leather in their cleats, balls, apparel and other products.



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Companies need to know you want deforestation-free products!

Only if your cheer is loud enough, will sports and fashion brands that have yet to get on-board, commit to using leather that doesn't come from areas of new deforestation in Brazil.




Jonathan Spector


Position: Defender

"I play for the US National Team and I'm rooting for the Amazon rainforest! It's great to know that National Wildlife Federation and 2010 FIFA World Cup sponsors are showing deforestation the red card. Join TEAM AMAZON and support leather cleats, balls, shoes and apparel that are deforestation-free, to protect the Amazon and its wildlife for future generations!"





NWF for the Amazon! 

Your enthusiastic responses to our World Cup campaign made our launch a huge success. For the first time in history, an 'all-star' team of shoe brands sponsoring the World Cup—Adidas, Nike, Puma and Umbro— put the ball in play to protect our planet's largest rainforest. From June 11 - July 11 2010, fans in Brazil and around the world supported their favorite teams, while also rooting for the future of our Amazon!

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The Amazon-Leather Connection