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Check your answers here and learn more about Ranger Rick and his pals. 


Ranger Rick

Hangout: my hollow oak tree den
Favorite Food: acorn cookies
Special Talent: teaching kids to take
care of the environment
Likes: camping
Favorite Game: Ranger Rick-opoly


Ranger Rick's Paw Print


Scarlett Fox

Hangout: my underground den
Favorite Food: strawberry shortcake
Special Talent: helping Rick with his adventures
Likes: picnicking among wildflowers
Favorite Game: Nature Bingo


Scarlett Fox's Paw Print


Bucky Beaver

Hangout: my lodge of sticks in the pond
Favorite Foods: bark biscuits
Special Talent: building with sticks and mud
Likes: going on scavenger hunts
Favorite Game: Pick-Up Sticks


Becky Beaver's Paw Print


Becky Hare

Hangout: my grassy nest in the meadow
Favorite Foods: carrot cake
Special Talents: running fast and hopping far
Likes: nature walks
Favorite Game: Hopscotch


Becky Hare Paw Print


Barney Barn Owl

Hangout: farm fields near my nest box
Favorite Foods: mousy pot pie
Special Talent: flying silently
Likes: stargazing
Favorite Book: Hoot


Barney Barn Owl's print


Ollie Otter

Hangout: anywhere I can make a splash
Favorite Food: fish stew
Special Talents: swimming and diving
Favorite Game: Marco Polo
Favorite Book: Harry Otter


Ollie Otter's Paw Print


Boomer Badger

Hangout: my underground den
Favorite Food: pizza
Special Talent: digging
Likes: listening to my Paw-Pod
Favorite Game: Club Badger online


Boomer Badger's Paw Print


Odora Skunk

Hangout: my hollow log
Favorite Food: pumpkin pie
Special Talent: scaring off bad guys with my stinky spray
Likes: hiking
Favorite Game: Hide-and-Seek


Odora Skunk's Paw Print

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