Your Family and the Gulf Oil Spill

Sunset with parent and child silhouette

We at the National Wildlife Federation were so amazed by the outpouring of support for our efforts in the Gulf of Mexico. Families made time in their busy lives to help. Children inspired parents, and parents encouraged children.

Honestly, only children and those with a child's spirit could come up with such creative and fun ideas.


Helping Families Talk About the Oil Spill

When the spill first started to spread, our Ranger Rick magazine staff quickly put together a guide for parents to help them talk with children in an age-appropriate way about the spill. This page continues to be very popular. People of all ages care about the wildlife and people of the Gulf. 


Thank You and Keep Up the Great Work

The long term impacts of the oil disaster are still to be seen. This is only the beginning of what we need to do to help the people and wildlife of the Gulf. We hope these stories inspire your family. Keep telling us about all the creative, joyful things your family is doing. Everyone at National Wildlife Federation gets excited when we hear about them. People pass the stories through email and in meetings like little gifts. You should see how it lifts the weight from our shoulders. Let's keep up this positive spirit in the face of such difficulty. And thank you!


Walking for wildlife

One More Thing - Try to Play Outside Soon

There's one more thing you can do as family--re-connect with nature. The kids will remember those times and it will lighten their hearts in the future when they face challenges. We must seize the moment, celebrate the outdoor places we love--and never take them for granted.



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Four Years into the Gulf Disaster