State Wildlife Action Plan Workshops


To help states protect wildlife from the impacts of climate change, NWF is hosting workshops with state agencies on how to update State Wildlife Action Plans to include climate threats.

These workshops, which bring together state wildlife agency staff, non-profits, scientists, and policy experts from across the state, jump-start State Wildlife Action Plan revision. To help other states plan workshops on updating their State Wildlife Action Plans for climate change agendas, summaries, and background reports from the meetings are provided here.

If your state wildlife agency is interested in hosting a workshop, contact Naomi Edelson ( for more information.

State workshopsFlorida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Vermont, Washington

National Training

Connect, Collaborate, and Conserve In an Era of Changing Landscapes: An Interactive Training on State Wildlife Action Plans

On June 4-6, 2013, National Wildlife Federation, Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service hosted an interactive training at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, WV. With federally mandated revisions to State Wildlife Action Plans due in 2015, this training was meant to ensure that new plans will be the best they can be. Each day focused on a broad topic, covering landscape conservation, including climate change in Action Plans, and building public support. Over 40 states were in attendance, along with a number of nongovernmental organizations and federal agencies. We are thankful for the generous support of the Dorris Duke Charitable Foundation for allowing us to carry out this training.

Day 1: State Wildlife Action Plans: An Essential Tool for Landscape Planning

Day 2: Conservation in the Face of Climate Change

Day 3: Building Public Support


State Workshops



Florida's Wildlife: On the Frontline of Climate Change


Responding to Climate Change: Working Together to Conserve Wildlife, Plants and Habitat in Massachusetts and Beyond


Wildlife Conservation and Climate Trends: Implementation of the Wildlife Action Plan


Anticipating Climate Change: A FWP Workshop Focused on Northern Coniferous Forest Ecosystems, Alpine Meadows, and the Clark Fork Upstream of Idaho to the Bitterroot River Headwaters

Anticipating Climate Change: A FWP Workshop Focusing on the Sagebrush Steppe and Yellowstone River Systems 

New Jersey

Safeguarding New Jersey's Wildlife and Natural Systems in a Changing Climate

New Hampshire

Wildlife Summit III: Safeguarding Wildlife and Ecosystems from the Effects of Climate Change

New York

Safeguarding New York's Wildlife and Natural Systems in a Changing Climate

North Carolina

Incorporating Climate Change in North Carolina's Wildlife Action Plan

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, National Wildlife Federation, Defenders of Wildlife, and the North Carolina Wildlife Federation hosted a workshop on the North Carolina Wildlife Action Plan and climate change in September 2010. The workshop started a process for integrating climate change information into the North Carolina Wildlife Action Plan (WAP). The workshop was designed to inform stakeholders about the ways climate change may impact North Carolina’s wildlife; collect stakeholder input on the WAP revision; and increase support for using the WAP to address climate impacts on wildlife. The Wildlife Resources Commission hosted 5 follow-up regional workshops throughout the state in the spring of 2011. Currently, the Commission is beginning to update its Wildlife Action Plan to include climate change.


Texas Climate Trends and Wildlife Conservation: Planning for the Future


Conserving Virginia's Fish and Wildlife for the Future: Preparing for a Changing Climate

Conserving Virginia's Fish and Wildlife for the Future: Preparing for a Changing Climate: Workshop ii- Strategies and Actions


Wildlife Conservation and Climate Trends: Implementation of the Wildlife Action Plan


Assessing Climate Impacts on Washington's Fish and Wildlife

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