Our Work In Schools and With Educators

For decades, National Wildlife Federation has worked with educators in schools and other educational settings to help provide curriculum, programs and opportunities for kids to learn about wildlife.

Our Work In Schools

Class with NWF Eco-Schools Green Flay

Greening Curriculum and Schools

As the U.S. host of the international Eco-Schools program, NWF helps schools transform their whole approach to integrating environmental stewardship and awareness—helping "green" the school building and grounds as well as the curriculum and student experience. NWF helps schools save money, reduce waste and improve student academic performance.

Boy with Butterfly

Inspiring Outdoor Learning Through Schoolyard Habitats

In 1996, the Schoolyard Habitats® program was created to help guide schools and school districts in creating and restoring wildlife habitat on school grounds, creating learning sites for wildlife conservation and cross-curricular learning.

Young Reporters for the Environment USA

Hosting the Young Reporters for the Environment Contest

NWF plays host to this international environmental journalism competition, Young Reporters for the Environment, where youth between the ages of 13-21 compete by reporting on topics related to the environment and submit an article, photo or video for a chance to win great prizes, plus national and international recognition.

Ranger Rick Cover

Bringing Ranger Rick to the Classroom

To help classroom teachers, home-schooling parents and other educators connect kids to wildlife in a fun way, NWF offers classroom subscriptions and back issues of our award-winning children's magazines, Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr., at discounted rates. Along with each issue, the editors of the magazine create educational supplements and guides to enhance the topics covered by the magazine.

Planting a tree

Supplying Trees for Planting Events

Through our Trees for Wildlife program, NWF offers kits for educators to plan hands-on tree planting events, as well as opportunities to apply for free trees from our bank of those donated by our members and supporters. The kits include the proper seedlings for the habitat, curriculum about trees and their importance to wildlife, as well as patches and other items for putting together a planting.

Providing Resources and Webinars for Educators

NWF works to provide educators with easy-to-implement, trusted curriculum and activities that help inspire the next generation of environmental stewards.

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