Corporate Relationships

National Wildlife Federation is proud to work with corporate partners who are passionate about connecting children with nature and protecting wildlife for future generations. For 75 years, NWF had led a grassroots movement of individuals who are passionate about wildlife, nature and ways in which wildlife and people can thrive.

Our corporate partners’ support helps NWF meet some of the world’s most vital environmental issues, including confronting and adapting to climate change, protecting wildlife species and habitat, and connecting people with the outdoors.

Each partnership is customized to meet the needs of the corporate partner, while furthering NWF’s mission and work.

Together, NWF and our corporate partners are committed to ensuring the next generation of Americans continue to care and protect the world in which we live.

The creator of Ranger Rick magazine, NWF is America’s largest conservation organization that focuses on educating families and children. We offer our corporate partners a unique opportunity to work with an organization with a long-standing history of mobilizing and communicating with diverse groups of Americans, leveraging numerous marketing channels to promote our partners and reach business objectives.

Types of partnerships available include:

  • Sponsorships
  • Cause Marketing and Promotions
  • Licensing
  • Television Production
  • Corporate Volunteerism
  • Workplace Giving (via Earthshare)
  • Matching Gifts
  • Foundation Grants

A sampling of NWF’s programs includes:

Be Out There - Be Out There is a national movement to keep families connected to the outdoors and to inspire a life-long appreciation of wildlife and nature. Through education, resources, networking, advocacy, and special events, Be Out There is leading the charge to get people back outside and restoring daily outdoor time to children's lives. Within Be Out There, programmatic elements involve:

Eco-Schools USA - Greening schools inside and out, National Wildlife Federation is the U.S. organization designated to authorize America’s schools as Eco-Schools. Eco-Schools is an international consortium of programs in 43 countries around the world. Eco-Schools helps improve academic performance, leads to financial savings, and reduces waste and conserves resources.

Campus Ecology - For more than 20 years, NWF has led the way to greening higher education institutions and motivating students to take action for the environment beyond the campus walls. Campus Ecology works with students, faculty, staff, and administrators to develop and spread innovative solutions to energy efficiency, transportation, building design, waste reduction, and conservation.

NWF enters into partnerships with individuals and organizations to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s future. NWF's partnerships do not constitute an endorsement of a partner’s mission(s) or product(s).

For more information about these opportunities and to build a customized program for your company, please contact Corporate Relations at

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