Legislative Victories - 1950s

1950 - Federal Aid in Fish Restoration Act (Dingell Johnson) - An extension of the concept of the Pittman-Robertson Act, this act uses a general tax on sport fishing equipment to raise funds which are made available to states for the restoration and management of sport fisheries.

1956 - Water Pollution Control Act - This landmark legislation stipulates that federal grants may be given for the construction of water treatment plants. Originally limited to interstate waters, this act was extended in 1975 to include navigable waters.

1956 - Fish and Wildlife Reorganization Act - This act split the Fish and Wildlife Service into two bureaus: Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, and Commercial Fisheries. In addition, the act authorizes the secretary of the interior to take steps "required for the development, advancement, management, conservation and protection of fishery and wildlife resources" through research, ac¬quisition of refuge lands, and development of existing facilities.

1958 - Pesticide Research Act - This act directs the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to investigate wildlife losses possibly caused by the application of pesticides and to research ways to reduce damage and loss.



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