Our Board of Directors

2013-2014 Board 

Deborah Spalding, Chair
Stephen K. Allinger, Immediate Past Chair
Paul Beaudette, Eastern Vice Chair
Kathleen Hadley, Western Vice Chair
Brian Bashore, Director
Tahlia Bear, Director
Jenny Brock, Director
Clark Bullard, Director
Alison Byers, Director
Ron Clausen, Director
Shelley Cohen, Director
Sharon Darnov, Director
Dianne Dillon-Ridgley, Director
John Grant, Jr., Director
David L. Hargett, Director
Mark W. Heckert, Director
Bill Houston, Director
David Langhorst, Director
Jerry Little, Director
Ramon Lopez, Director
Christopher Nook, Director
Julia Reed Zaic, Director
Kent Salazar, Director
Truman Semans, Director
Leslie Shad, Director
Mary Van Kerrebrook, Director
Lise Van Susteren, Director
Bruce Wallace, Director
Nicole Wood, Director

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