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Miss Sally

Miss Sally is the super cool, enthusiastic, unshakable babysitter that any preschooler would love to hang out with. Miss Sally encourages the Wild Animal Baby Explorers to make an adventure out of everything.

Miss Sally 

Type of Animal: Salamander

Outfit: Purple vest

Favorite Saying: “Look around and look around some more!” It’s Miss Sally’s way of telling the group to observe nature and the wonderful surprises of everyday life.

Strengths: Because she’s older, Miss Sally speaks from experience. She sees the big picture and the inter-connectedness of things. She encourages others to learn through doing and to seek answers for themselves.

Funny Habits: We never know when or how Miss Sally will appear. She arrives via an amazing variety of travel gear. Even when she’s not around, Miss Sally is watching over the Explorers and makes sure they are safe.

Are you like Miss Sally? Miss Sally recommends fun activities for your child.

Miss Sally's Activities
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