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Wild Animal Baby Explorers Parent and Educator Resources

Young children know more, and know it sooner, than researchers ever suspected. Appropriate stimulation during your child’s first years has more of an impact on brain growth and development than at any other time.

Wild Animal Baby Explorers is designed for children ages two years and older, to:

  • introduce children to animals and nature
  • stimulate thinking and doing
  • entertain and educate your child while increasing the caregiver / child bond.

Here are a few ideas for things to do with your child that complement the show!

Activities for Children Ages 2-3

Your child’s language skills are soaring. He/she will likely be putting together short sentences and asking lots of questions. Good activities for this age are:

  • Create a Certified Wildlife Habitat to attract local wildlife to your own backyard.
  • Encourage your child to make up stories about the behaviors he/she sees in the shows and to compare what he/she sees with other objects and animals.
  • Introduce other educational concepts such as colors, counting, shapes, and opposites.
  • Draw and paint with Wild Animal Baby coloring pages.
  • Put up pictures of animals in your child’s play area.

Activities for Children Ages 3-5 Years

At age three, a child’s brain is twice as active as that of an adult. Your child is an information sponge! Children at this age:

  • enjoy books with big pictures
  • may begin to learn to read
  • love to visit a zoo to connect real animals with the animals they see in print and on television

We also suggest Ranger Rick Jr. magazine as your child’s interests and abilities continue to mature.


Even More Recommended Activities

Check out the activities that each of the Wild Animal Baby Explorer characters recommend for your children:



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