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seedpodsBenita loves, loves, loves the fall! She thinks it’s a dilly, dandy, humdinger time of year (along with winter, spring and summer). Here’s a way to get “in touch” with the best of the season.

What you need

  • A box at least the size of a large shoebox
  • Seasonal objects to put in it (see below)

What you do

  1. Make your “feely box.” Cut a hole in the top of the box that’s large enough for your child to put his or her hand through, but not big enough to see easily inside. While you’re alone, gather some typical fall items (examples: an acorn, leaf, gourd, maple tree seeds, pinecone, apple, even Indian corn). Put them in the box.
  2. Have your child feel inside the box and grab an object. If your child guesses what it is immediately, ask how he or she knew. If not, ask your child to describe how the item feels. Ask what it could possibly be.
  3. After this discussion, he or she can pull out the object. (If your child didn’t identify the object correctly, put back in for another try.) Then on to the next!

Some more fun fall facts to share:

  • Some pumpkins can grow to weigh over 1000 pounds! That's like five adults!
  • Older oak trees can produce over 50,000 acorns a year. That’s a lot of nuts!
  • In autumn, the sun doesn’t stay in the sky as long so the days become shorter.


The feely box can be used for any season.


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