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On a sunny day, you can find a playmate as soon as your go outside. Your shadow! “An positively perfect unplanned play-date,” says Benita, “easy-peasy!”

Shadow of girl swinging

What you need

  • assorted boxes, cans, etc. (see below)
  • colored chalk

What you do

  1. Ask your child: Does your shadow move when you do? Can you run away from your shadow? Suggest he or she give it a try.
  2. Ask your child to find the smallest shadow he or she can make with his or her body. How about the biggest? The longest? The shortest?
  3. Ask your child if you two can pose so your shadows look like they are shaking hands without either of you touching each other. Can you make your shadows look like you are standing on each other’s arms? Working together, can you make a shadow with two heads, three legs and four arms?
  4. Build Shadow City by arranging a variety of objects (boxes, pails, blocks, columns, cans, etc.) on the sidewalk in direct sunlight. The designs are endless. You could also put them in a straight line so the shadows create an urban skyline. Trace the outline and your child will have a “shadow town” to travel through with toy cars and action figures.

Some more fun shadow facts to share:

  • When light is blocked by an object, a shadow is formed behind it.
  • When the sun is directly overhead, you have little to no shadow because the light from the sun is hitting all the area around you.
  • You can make pictures of animals by putting your hands and fingers in certain positions between a light and a wall.


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