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Sammy, Skip, Benita, Izzy and Miss Sally have lots of adventures and do many fun things outside.


Izzy's favorite activities focus on moving his body and getting going! Learn about Izzy.

Here are some activities that Izzy recommends for your child:

  • Blowing in the Wind - Birds like Izzy work hard to fly against the wind but soar beautifully on top of it. In other words, being out on a windy day can be work AND fun. Go outside and see!

  • Going on a Snail Hunt - Chances are, there are snails in the moist areas of your garden or in your neighbors’. If not, snails often live near ponds or in the woods. Izzy can search from the air, but you should grab your flashlight Explora-Gear and get outdoors.

  • Guess Who's Coming to Dinner! - It’s hard for many animals to find food in winter. Why not help them out? As Izzy would say, “Who, who, whooooooo do you think will come to dinner?” Set out some treats and see!

  • Life's a Beach - Even though it’s hot (and sand gets stuck in his feathers), Izzy thinks a day at the beach is “coo-cool.” Here are a few additional activities you can add for even more beach fun.

  • Yummy Animal Face Sandwiches - Izzy is hungry, hungry, hungry! He’s ready to go hunting…for a delicious animal face sandwich. Want to join him?


For more fun activities, visit the Wild Animal Baby website.



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