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Offshore wind turbineBirds like Izzy work hard to fly against the wind but soar beautifully on top of it. In other words, being out on a windy day can be work AND fun. Go outside and see!

What you need

  • jar of soap bubbles
  • piece of cardboard for each person
  • a breezy day, of course!

What you do

  1. Play a wind game. Ask your child which way the wind is blowing. Test the answer by blowing some bubbles into the air (far away from the street). See if your child can run like the wind to pop most of the bubbles before they pop themselves or float away.

  2. Play another wind game. Your breath can act like the wind. Team up with your child to keep a soap bubble in the air as long as possible. Try blowing soft and hard, even fanning the bubble with your hands or a piece of cardboard.

  3. Why not three? Ask your child to watch how the wind blows everything from trees, plants, and your clothing to paper, feathers, etc. Then, both of you can create a dance that imitates how these different objects move in the wind.

Some fun wind facts to share:

  • The wind helps plants and trees survive by moving their seeds to a good place to grow.

  • The wind can also help people by creating energy without burning oil. Wind energy usually creates electricity.

  • One wind machine called a turbine can produce enough electricity to power up to 300 homes. How many homes are there on your block? Three hundred homes make up a lot of blocks, don’t they?


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