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Izzy is hungry, hungry, hungry! He’s ready to go hunting…for a delicious animal face sandwich. Want to join him?

Butterfly sandwich

What you need

  • bread
  • peanut butter (for children with peanut allergies, possible substitutes include cream cheese, tahini, or almond butter)
  • raisins
  • carrots
  • pickles or an apple
  • spoon or plastic knife (for child)
  • carrot grater (for adult)
  • knife (for adult)

What you do

  1. Let your child spread the peanut butter (or substitute) on a slice of bread with a spoon or plastic knife.

  2. Now the fun begins as he or she turns the open-face sandwich into an animal. Encourage your child’s creativity. Raisins can become a nose and eyes. Grated carrots make perfect fur. You can slice a pickle or an apple into thin slivers for whiskers or triangles for ears.

  3. The best part? Now it’s time for a snack!

Some more fun animal facts to share:

  • We aren’t the only ones who like carrots. Other animals do too. Horses, donkeys, and rabbits love ‘em!

  • >

    Squirrels love raisins. But don’t give any to your dog. Raisins (and grapes) can be very dangerous for dogs.

  • People eat all sorts of foods, but the koala only eats eucalyptus leaves.


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