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To incorporate Wild Animal Baby Explorers into your classroom, here are some age-appropriate lesson plans:

Meet the characters of Wild Animal Baby Explorers
  • An Ant Picnic - your students will learn that ants eat some but not all of the foods we do, ants live in groups or colonies and learning can come from careful observations and simple experiments.

  • Animals on the Move - Your students will learn a greater understanding of animal movement, how animals move differently and how animal movement is determined by body structure.

  • Blowing in the Wind - Your students will learn that the wind is moving air, how to tell the direction of the wind and the direction of the wind can change.

  • Me and My Shadow - Your students will learn a great understanding of shadows, how shadows are made and how shadows move over time.

  • Wiggly, Squiggly Worms - Your students will learn that worms live in soil, tunneling through it and mixing it up, worms eat plants and enrich the soil and worms live in a dark, moist environment.



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