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Sammy, Skip, Benita, Izzy and Miss Sally have lots of adventures and do many fun things outside.

Miss Sally

Miss Sally's favorite activities focus on keeping the team's spirits up! Learn about Miss Sally.

Here are some activities that Miss Sally recommends for your child:

  • Be an Animal Detective - Want to solve another wildlife mystery? Miss Sally knows there’s no better way to learn about animals than to watch what they do. Put your heads together and no matter what the weather, you can pick up clues that you can use!

  • Spring Has Sprung - The days are longer and warmer. Leaves are on the trees. Miss Sally is calling. “Come on everybody,” she says, “let’s explore spring with all our senses!”

  • Worms at Work - Miss Sally likes everyone to be safe and comfortable. She suggests that while you’re studying these crawly creatures, you check them into a nice, cushy worm hotel!


For more fun activities, visit the Wild Animal Baby website.



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