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The days are longer and warmer. Leaves are on the trees. Miss Sally is calling. “Come on everybody,” she says, “let’s explore spring with all our senses!”

Photo of a cedar waxwing on a serviceberry branch

What you need

blanket and snack (optional)
lovely spring day

What you do

Help your child think about using his or her senses to enjoy the spring season.

  1. The sights of spring - Have your child look around then close his or her eyes. Ask your child to name some springtime sights. Possibilities include leaves on trees, butterflies, daffodils or other flowers, new bird nests, people wearing flip-flops or open coats, etc.

  2. The smells of spring - Have your child breathe deeply and name some scents that weren’t around in wintertime. They could include freshly cut grass, blooming fruit trees, lilacs, fresh soil, etc.

  3. The feel of spring - Have your child look away while you gather springy objects (dandelions, pussywillows, grass, etc). With eyes closed, have him or her guess what they are by their feel when you brush them against his or her hand or cheek.

  4. The sounds of spring - Have your child sit quietly and listen for a moment. What noises sound just like spring? How about birdsong, kids playing, music from an open window?

  5. The tastes of spring - If you want your child to taste spring, add some peas and strawberries to your picnic.

Some more fun facts about spring to share:

  • The first day of spring is always March 20th or March 21st in countries located in the Northern Hemisphere, the top half of our world.

  • Some people like to eat very young dandelion leaves in salads.

  • Some butterflies can taste the leaves they’re sitting on with their feet. This tells them whether they should lay their eggs on it in springtime. If it’s tasty, their hatching caterpillars will have a ready meal.

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