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Sammy, Skip, Benita, Izzy and Miss Sally have lots of adventures and do many fun things outside.


Sammy's favorite activities focus on hiding and finding things, and just having fun! Learn about Sammy.

Here are some activities that Sammy recommends for your child:

  • I Can, I Can, I Can! - As Sammy and the rest of our explorers know, it’s fun to try to act like different animals. Why wait for the next “I Can” section of Wild Animal Baby Explorers, when you can do it anytime you want?

  • Nature's Scavenger Hunt - Everybody loves hunting for treasures, and nature has plenty to spare. Sammy especially loves scavenger hunts when even he can “read” the list of objects to find!

  • Squirrel School - In fall, Sammy watches the squirrels running around and wonders why they are so busy. They’re “squirreling away” future meals in lots of different hiding places. Why so many? Go outdoors and find out!

  • Water Play - It’s a hot, sunny day. Sammy wants to cool off. Skip wants to do a few scientific experiments. Hmm…maybe they both can have fun!

For more fun activities, visit the Wild Animal Baby website.



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