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water drops on pond plantsIt’s a hot, sunny day. Sammy wants to cool off. Skip wants to do a few scientific experiments. Hmm…maybe they both can have fun!

What you need

  • hose with a spray nozzle
  • bucket
  • paintbrushes

What you do

Make a Rainbow!

  • Help your child spray a stream of water directly into the sunlight. This should create a rainbow. Ask your child what colors he or she sees in the rainbow.

  • You can explain that sunlight contains all these colors mixed together. When the sun’s rays hit the water, the colors separate and make a rainbow.

  • Turn the stream of water into the shade. Can you see the rainbow now?

Make an Invisible Painting!

  • Let your child use a bucket of water and brushes to paint pictures on the sidewalk on this sunny day.

  • Yes, they’re beautiful, but how long will they last? After your child has painted a second one in a different square, look at the first one together. Is any of it missing? Which parts are disappearing first? Ask your child what he or she thinks will happen to the whole thing eventually.

  • Explain that the sun heats up the water. Then the water turns into vapor or steam and goes into the air. Once there’s enough of it up there, it forms clouds and comes down as rain.

Puddle Fun!

  • Have your child make a puddle with the hose.

  • Ask your child to look into the puddle. Can your child see his or her reflection? What else can he or she see reflected in there? Trees? The sun? Some clouds?

  • A puddle is nature’s mirror but also a miniature lake. Time to start splashing around!

Some more fun water facts to share:

  • More than half of our bodies are made up of water.
  • The water you’ve been playing with is as old as the Earth. We have a limited amount of water on our planet, which keeps coming down as rain, then gets heated by the sun and returns to the sky.
  • Most of the Earth is covered with water.


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