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Sammy, Skip, Benita, Izzy and Miss Sally have lots of adventures and do many fun things outside.


Skip's favorite activities focus on science and logic. Learn about Skip.

Here are some activities that Skip recommends for your child:

  • Ant’s Picnic - Skip likes to test and see which food ants like the most by setting out a picnic for them and watching what they do.

  • My, What Big Ears You Have! - Skip knows the advantages of having big ears. If you’d like to learn about them too, try this activity.

  • Sniff a Whiff! - An experiment about smell? Skip is ready to give it a try, even though he doesn’t know what he will be sniffing. He hopes that Miss Sally won’t have a reason to call out, “Stinker alert!”

  • Water Play - It’s a hot, sunny day and Sammy wants to cool off. Skip wants to do a few scientific experiments. Hmm…maybe they both can have fun!

  • Who Lives in There? - A world of creatures live in the dirt. It’s time to meet a few, up close and personal. We say the magnifying glass is optional, but Skip believes in taking along Explora-gear!

For more fun activities, visit the Wild Animal Baby website.


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