Wildlife University: Creating Places for Wildlife Series

Creating Places for Wildlife is a series of courses that teach you how to attract a wide variety of wildlife to your backyard, to a schoolyard, or to an area in your community. Each course contains online presentations, downloadable study guides and recommended activities.

Habitat Basics
30 Minutes

Attention gardeners and wildlife lovers! This course is the first in the Creating Places for Wildlife Series. Find out how to attract birds, butterflies and other backyard wildlife to your area. This course features a guest presentation narrated by David Mizejewski, manager of NWF's Certified Wildlife Habitat program.

Providing Food for Wildlife
30 Minutes

Each wildlife species has its own unique food requirements. Learn how to provide food for the wildlife in your area by taking this course.

Providing Water for Wildlife
30 Minutes

Water is the most precious resource on our planet. By taking this course, you'll learn different ways to provide water for wildlife in your backyard.

Providing Cover for Wildlife
30 Minutes

There are many ways to provide cover—or shelter—for wildlife. This is the course for you if you want to learn how to best provide this critical habitat element in your backyard.

Providing Places to Raise Young
30 Minutes

There are few things more exciting than watching wild animals care for their young! Learn what to do so that you may enjoy this wonderful spectacle of nature.

Sustainable Gardening Practices
30 Minutes

Become a wildlife-friendly gardener. and learn many practical, easy things you can do in your backyard to create a habitat that is beneficial to both wildlife and the environment.

Overview of Backyard Wildlife Habitat and Schoolyard Habitats programs
30 Minutes

Our Backyard Wildlife Habitat and Schoolyard Habitat® programs are popular resources for people who enjoy gardening and wildlife and want to become part of a national program. Get involved today!

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