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Wildlife Library


Amphibians, Reptiles and Fish >>

In the United States, there are over 230 amphibians, over 280 reptiles and approximately 800 species of fish. 


Birds >>

Over 800 birds occur in the United States. Some live here year-round, others migrate to the United States seasonally, while others only stop in on their migratory routes to other countries.


Invertebrates >>

There are over 140,000 invertebrates in the United States--a number that is growing as researchers identify more and more species.


Mammals >>

The United States has over 410 mammal species. Of those mammals, over 80 species are listed on the Endangered Species List.


Plants >>

More than 16,000 native plant species inhabit the United States ranging from tiny wildflowers to the world’s tallest trees.


Wild Places >>

The United States is blessed with a great variety of awe-inspiring landscapes from coast to coast. The National Wildlife Federation is working to protect these extraordinary places that are critical to the survival of America's wildlife.

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