Develop Wildlife Friendly Renewable Energy

Offshore Power Windmill photo by London Array Limited

Renewable energy--essentially harnessing the power of the sun and wind--is the only long-term and the most economical option to reduce the global warming pollution produced by our current dependence on fossil fuels.

NWF works to remove the barriers so that America and the rest of the world will quickly expand wind, solar, geothermal and biomass energy to power a new clean energy economy for all Americans.

Making the Transition to Renewables

Transitioning from old fossil fuel power plants to new clean renewable energy generation requires both incentives to encourage utility companies to change, as well as new transmission lines to carry clean electricity from windy plains or sunny southern deserts to consumers in urban towns and cities. To help jumpstart significant investments in energy alternatives, NWF is working to get a national renewable electricity standard adopted as part of comprehensive climate and energy legislation.

Developing a Well-Sited Renewable Energy Infrastructure

NWF is also working with state and federal officials and private sector partners to guide renewable energy production and transmission lines away from critical environmental areas. Specifically, we are working to ensure that development of renewable energy sources and transmission lines are properly sited, and to prevent the development of any new transmission lines that support new coal or other dirty fuels.

Offshore Wind

The United States has tremendous potential for harnessing the wind for energy, especially off of our coastlines in the Atlantic. Offshore wind can provide power for millions of Americans while boosting the economy and creating permanent, well-paying jobs.

Sustainable Bio-energy

Biofuels and biomass energy produced by plants directly from the sun's energy can be used to produce some of our electricity and liquid fuels, and should be part of the solution to global warming pollution. NWF is working to ensure that sustainable land use, carbon benefits, and environmental protections are in place so that the next generation of biofuels and biomass energy is done right.

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