What Does a Polar Bear Sound Like?

We hit the streets to pose this simple question. Hear what friends like you had to say:

These “roars” may soon be all we have left.

Why? Climate change is melting the sea ice that polar bears need to hunt, give birth, and raise their young. As a result, polar bears are fighting for their lives. In fact, the outlook is so grim that the U.S. Geological Survey projects that two thirds of the world’s polar bears--including all of Alaska's--will disappear in the next 40 years. We have to act fast! Otherwise, polar bears could be silenced forever.

How to Help Polar Bears:

The Environmental Protection Agency is enforcing the Clean Air Act to limit the amount of carbon pollution from coal power plants. With these rules, 2012 can be revolutionary in the battle against climate change. However, these new enforcements won’t make it over the finish line without public support.

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