Participate in Wildlife Watch and let us know about the wildlife and plants you observe where you live! Wildlife Watch is a national, nature watching program created for people of all ages.


Visit Wildlife Watch before and after your adventures in nature. Before you head outside, click your state on the dropdown list below. Review all the possible species and natural phenomena you might observe. After you return indoors, come back to Wildlife Watch and report the data online.


It’s simple, fun and you’ll learn a lot about the wildlife that exists in your neighborhood. Plus you’ll be helping Wildlife Watch track the health and behavior of wildlife and plant species nationwide.


Another fun way to participate in Wildlife Watch is to join our Flickr group and post animal and plant pictures. First timers and professionals welcome!


Don’t forget to invite your friends and family to participate. As the seasons change, so do the species on Wildlife Watch, so there are new things to see and observe all year-round!

Looking for Wildlife Inspiration?
Browse and vote for the amazing entrants of the National Wildlife Photo Contest.
On 5/28/2015 Deborah wrote: I have lived at my home for six years and today May 28 2015 for the first time while looking out the kitchen window five Eastern Cottontail Rabbits chased each other round and round the Court Yard for twenty minutes. What fun we had watching them.
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