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WildObs (wildlife observations) are memorable encounters with nature to savor and repeatedly enjoy. Record, organize and share your wildlife encounters, and join a growing community of like-minded wildlife watchers who guide each other to nature while supporting NWF Wildlife Watch as citizen naturalists. Record your observations at home or afield with your iPhone, iPod Touch or web browser and have your observations be automatically delivered to the NWF Wildlife Watch database.



National Parks Traveler

National Parks Traveler is the top website for news, editorials and data on the state of the U.S. National Parks system. Its readers include employees of the National Park system, conservationists, hikers, wildlife enthusiasts and anyone who cares about the health and future of their nation's parks.


Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell University is a nationwide leader in citizen science data collection. Through their Lab of Ornithology, Cornell oversees over 10 citizen science and education programs for children, families and adults. The programs range from the Great Backyard Bird Count to Project FeederWatch and Celebrate Urban Birds! Anyone with a passion for birds and science can find a Cornell program that meets their needs.

Witness for Wildlife 

Witness for Wildlife

Witness for Wildlife is dedicated to protecting our endangered wildlife corridors and migratory species. They have an active community of online and in the field citizen naturalists. Witness for Wildlife engages naturalists to share stories and information, attend trips into wildlife corridors and learn how to protect valuable migratory habitats.


USA National Phenology Network

The USA National Phenology Network works to connect citizen scientists and their data to federal agencies, not-for-profits, educators and the public. By using formal and amateur scientists, USA-NPN will collect a large amount of data on the timing and biology of natural phenomena and how those events are changing in the 21st century.


FrogWatch USA

With FrogWatch USA, citizen scientists around the country help collect data on the range and population size of frog and toad species. During the frog season, volunteers train themselves to identify amphibians by their call and then take these skills outdoors to study the frogs in their local ponds and wetlands. This program is administered by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.


Project Budburst

Project BudBurst is a field campaign of the National Phenology Network. By submitting data to Project BudBurst, citizen scientists track the first flowering and leaves of wildflowers and trees. Scientists use this data to study the impacts of climate change on plant phenology.


Monarch Waystation Program

Monarch Waystations is a project of the national citizen science program Monarch Watch. With Monarch Waystations, volunteers provide habitats for monarch butterflies and other species of pollinators that are rapidly declining as a result of urban sprawl, roadside management and pesticides.


The Xerces Society

The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation works to protect invertebrates and their habitat from decline by using educational programs and scientific studies to engage governments and the public to action.

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