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Judging Criteria for Young Reporters for the Environment

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The jury will assign a score of 0-3 for the following five criteria. The questions listed under the criteria help guide jury members to their rating. Points are given as follows: 
    3 = yes, excellent
    2 = yes, good
    1 = yes, fair
    0 = no, it does not meet this criteria
Maximum points per submission = 15

Eligibility Criteria

Note: If an entry does not meet all the eligibility criteria, it will be disqualified.
  • Does the piece fulfill all the submission requirements (correct length, title, size and format etc.)?
  • Does it focus on a pertinent (real and current) local issue?
  • Does it present a potential solution?
  • Has the piece been disseminated to a local audience?

1. Composition Structure and Quality

For articles and videos:

  • Is the piece well structured? Does it cover who, what, where, when, how and why?
  • Does it have a clear beginning, middle and end?

For photos and videos:

  • Is it technically and artistically well done? Is it high quality, well composed and impactful? 

2. Fair, Balanced and Objective Reporting 

For articles and videos:

  • Is the piece balanced and fair in terms of representing different sides of an argument prior to offering a potential solution?
  • Does it include multiple perspectives?
  • Does it quote and/or reference real, credible sources and opinions?
  • Is scientific or statistical reporting accurate and supported by sources or footnotes?

For photos and videos:

  • Is the subject and audience represented fairly? Is it clear that they have not been manipulated?

3. Informative and Well Researched

  • Does the piece cover relevant historical, economic, social and/or political implications and possible consequences?
  • Does it make a link to a bigger global picture?
  • Does it present more than one possible solution?
  • Is the recommended solution realistic, well explained and justified?
  • Are supporting elements (illustrations, pictures, subtitles, etc.) effective and useful?

4. Originality, Style and Independence 

  • Is the piece original in its scope or style (i.e., has the participant chosen a challenging topic or created an innovative or moving piece)?
  • Did the author engage in field work and interview people in person or on the telephone, rather than just use or quote online sources? 
  • Did the author take a positive approach, devoting time to solutions and not just problems? 

5. Dissemination

  • Is it clear who the target audience is? 
  • Is the choice of media, the presentation style, and the mode of dissemination appropriate for communicating the message to this audience?
  • Is there evidence of further dissemination through relevant social media or other avenues?

New YRE International Collaboration Opportunity

Group YRE 

New this year, youth can choose to collaborate and jointly submit an article in the Sustainable Consumption and Production category. Learn more.

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