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Bee Finger Puppet
This bee finger puppet is easy to make and fun to play with.
  • Craft glue
  • 2 googly eyes
  • Yellow acrylic paint
  • 1 thin black pipe cleaner (about one foot long)
  • 4 black pipe cleaners (medium thickness; each about one foot long)
  • Medium size black pom-pom
  • Finger-size wooden pot (Craft stores sell them.)
Step 1
Paint Pot

Paint the outside of the wooden pot yellow. Let dry.

Step 2
Make the Bee's Torso

Turn the pot upside down. This will be the bee's torso. Wrap one black pipe cleaner around the torso and tie it in a bow to form wings. Glue in place.

Step 3
Make the Bee's Feet

Curl the ends of the three other medium pipe cleaners. The curls form the insect's six feet. Wrap the pipe cleaners around the bee's torso so that the six feet stick out in front. Glue in place.

Step 4
Make the Bee's Head
  • Glue the pom-pom on top of the torso for the head.
  • Glue on googly eyes.
  • Curl the ends of the thin pipe cleaner and glue the pipe cleaner on top of the bee's head as shown to form antennae.
Step 5
Play With Your Puppet

Have your child stick two or three fingers up the open end of the bee's torso and move the puppet.

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