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Popcorn Cornucopia
Weave a Thanksgiving cornucopia that you can fill with popcorn.
  • 3 sheets of construction paper (different colors)
  • Popcorn
  • Scissors
  • Tape
Step 1
Cut Construction Paper
  • Cut two of the sheets of paper into 1”-wide strips.
  • Cut slits lengthwise across the third sheet of construction paper. The slits should go to about 1” from either end and be 1” apart.
Step 2
Weave Paper

Weave the colored strips through the slits. Alternate the over and under pattern with each strip.

Step 3
Assemble Cone

Tape the outside edges of the paper to keep the strips in place. Roll the woven paper into a cone shape and then tape or staple to hold.

Step 4
Fill Cone

Fill the cone with popcorn and enjoy!

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