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Puffin Costume
Show your wild side and be a puffin for Halloween.
  • Orange cardstock or construction paper
  • Large piece of white felt
  • Large piece of white felt
  • Orange flip-flops (optional)
  • Fabric glue
  • Markers
  • Puffin costume instructions
  • Pipe cleaner (optional)
  • Scissors
Step 1
Download and Print Instructions
Download and print the puffin costume instructions.
Step 2
Cut Out Felt
  • Follow the directions on the detailed instruction sheet to cut the head out of white felt and the wings out of black felt.
  • Use the pattern to cut the top of the head out of black felt and the beak out of orange cardstock.
Step 3
Glue Felt

Glue the seam along the top of the head. Set aside to dry. Then glue the two pieces of black felt to either side of the top of the head.

Step 4
Add Beak
  • Fold the orange beak in half and glue onto the front of the head.
  • Use markers to draw the eyes and markings on the face and beak.
Step 5
Make the Puffin's Feet
  • Use the pattern to cut two puffin feet out of orange cardstock or orange construction paper.
  • Draw lines on both feet as shown on the pattern.
  • Punch two holes on each foot as shown on the pattern.
  • For each foot, thread the pipe cleaner through the two holes and tie it securely to the top of the flip-flop strap.
Step 6
Wear Your Costume
Wear your puffin head, wings, and feet on Halloween or any other day you want to be a puffin!
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