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Tall Giraffe Made from Tissue Box
After using up your tissues and paper towels, use the leftovers to make your own giraffe.
  • Yellow construction paper
  • Yellow and brown poster paint
  • Paper cup
  • 3 empty paper towel tubes
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Empty tissue box
Step 1
Cover Tissue Box

Cover the tissue box with yellow construction paper. Leave the hole uncovered.

Step 2
Make Giraffe's Legs
  • Have your child paint the paper towel tubes and the cup with yellow paint. Let them dry.
  • Cut two of the tubes in half, so you have four smaller tubes. These will be the giraffe's legs.
  • Wedge the small tubes into the hole of the tissue box—two at each end. You may want to stuff some crumpled paper into the box to hold the legs in. Secure with tape if necessary.
Step 3
Make Head and Neck

Tape the cup to one end of the long tube. This will be the giraffe's head and neck. Tape the neck to the box at one end. Draw a face on the head using a marker or paint. After assembling the giraffe, you may also want to cover up the tape with more yellow paint.

Step 4
Add Spots

Don't forget the spots! Encourage your child to give the giraffe some brown spots. For an extra tactile experience, use fingerpaint.

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