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Decorate for Thanksgiving with Nature
Make a beautiful Thanksgiving table with nature-inspired crafts.
  • Can, short such as a tuna can
  • Card stock or cardboard
  • Elastic band
  • Fabric - a strip that fit around the can
  • Flowers
  • Glass or vase, same height as pumpkin
  • Glue, bottle or glue gun (optional)
  • Leaves
  • Paper bags from grocery stores printed with fall or harvest themes
  • Small picture frames
  • Pumpkin, tall and thin
  • Rubber stamps and ink (optional)
  • Scissors or Exacto knife
  • Wire photo holder (optional)
Step 1
Gather colorful leaves.
If you have a simple wire photo holder like this one, you can display the leaves instead of photos.
Step 2
Make a flower vase from a pumpkin.
Choose a tall, thin pumpkin with a steady base. Carve and empty it as usual. Find a glass or vase that fits inside it comfortably. Put water in the glass or vase.
Step 3
Display the flowers in your pumpkin vase.
Step 4
Gather small frames.
Cut cardstock or cardboard to fit inside the frames. Decorate with a few small leaves. Write or stamp the names of your guests on the cardstock.
Step 5
Put a placecard at each person's seat at your Thanksgiving table.
Step 6
Make placemats from fall-themed brown paper shopping bags.
Many local grocery stores print fall or harvest messages on their bags at this time of year. Just cut out the sides to make a place mat. Decorate by gluing leaves in the corners or at one end.
Step 7
Make a cute container from a recycled can.

Clean out a short can, such as a tuna or pet food can. Make sure the edges are not sharp.

Find a piece of fabric in a strip that wraps around the can. Hold it in place with an elastic band.

Tuck a few leaves under the elastic band all the way around.

Step 8
Set your table.

All your combined decorations make a colorful and welcoming site!

Here's a few more Thanksgiving craft ideas that are not necessarily made from nature objects, but can add to your decor. They are great for smaller children.

After your celebration, consider doing an outdoor activity. Search our Nature Find tool for local nature opportunities.

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