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Under $10
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Turtle Tub Toy
Turn a plastic lid into a fun tub toy!
  • Brown, yellow, and green craft foam
  • Turtle toy pattern
  • Plastic coffee can lid
  • Sharp skewer to punch holes
  • 5 twist ties
Step 1
Download, Print, and Cut Out Pattern

Download and print the turtle toy pattern. Cut head, front legs, and back legs out of brown craft foam.

Step 2
Punch Holes
  • Punch holes on the head and four legs as shown on the pattern.
  • Punch holes through the coffee lid to match up with the holes on the head and legs.
Step 3
Attach Head and Legs

Attach head and legs to coffee lid with twisty ties.

Step 4
Decorate Turtle

Cover holes and decorate with the shapes you cut out of yellow and green craft foam.

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