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Grow a Slime Mold
Slime molds are a strange fungus-like life form. Neither plant nor animal, slime molds often form a colorful, gooey blob on old logs, lawns, or on mulch or decaying leaves. Here's how to make your own slime mold.
  • Jar
  • Damp paper towels
  • Raw oatmeal
Step 1
Find Slime Mold
  • Head outside and find some slime mold. Late spring, summer, or early fall-- after a few days of steady rain--are perfect times to find slime mold.
  • Where is the best place to find slime mold? Look under rotting wood or in old, decaying logs.
Step 2
Put Slime Mold In a Jar

Once you find some, cut off a few small pieces of the slime mold. (This won’t hurt it.) Put the pieces in a jar lined with a damp paper towel.

Step 3
Feed the Slime Mold

Feed the slime mold a few flakes of raw oatmeal every day, and watch what happens!

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