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Under 7, 7 to 12
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Under $10
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Play a Leaf Matching Game
Go on a leaf hike and play this leaf matching game.
  • Bag
  • Crayons with the wrapper peeled off (optional)
  • Leaf Match activity sheet
  • White paper (optional)
Step 1
Download and Print Activity Sheet

Download and print the “Leaf Match” sheet and give it to your child. Ask your child to describe the leaf shape shown in each square.

Step 2
Go Outside and Look for Matches

Time to set out on a leaf hike! Head outside and see how many different types of leaves your child can find that match the shapes on the “Leaf Match” sheet. Once he or she has found a match, put the leaf into the bag. (Unless you are on your own property, tell your child only to gather leaves that have already fallen to the ground.)

Step 3
Sort Leaves and Make Rubbings

After playing your matching game, take the leaf collection home for sorting. Your child might want to commemorate the day by doing leaf rubbings. Just put a sheet of white paper over the leaves and lightly rub the area where they are placed with the side of a crayon.

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