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Make a Fairy House
Imagine a tiny house tucked into the woods, the perfect size for a little creature. What fun to find—and even more fun to make!
  • Various nature objects (twigs, bark, pine cones, leaves, stones, acorns, flowers)
Step 1

In backyards and woodlands and other out-of-the-way corners, kids and their families are busy building fairy houses. What’s a fairy house? It’s a very small dwelling that’s big on imagination—and it’s all made from things you can find in nature.


Will fairies really move in? Well, build one and see! Or you could build for another kind of creature. A mouse house, toad abode, cricket cottage, or beetle bungalow would be just as much fun to make. Here is what you do:

Step 2
Gather the goods.
Twigs, bark, pine cones, leaves, stones, acorns, flowers, and many other objects make perfect building materials.

Step 3
Pick a Place.

A hidden site is usually best to keep your house safe—unless you want to put it where passers-by might spot it and smile.

Step 4
Build away!

Twig walls? A roof of bark or one thatched with leaves? A pebble path? A pine-cone fence? The options are endless. You might even furnish your house with, say, a nutshell bathtub, acorn lanterns, or a leaf hammock.

Step 5
Look ahead.

Time and weather will take a toll on your house, so consider snapping a photo of it as soon as you complete it. That way you can remember your house at its best. Of course, you can always make more houses—anywhere you go! At the beach, driftwood, shells, and seaweed can become a sandy village. When winter comes along, snow and icicles turn into new building supplies.


For more ideas, check your library or search online to find photos and books about fairy houses. But most important, let your creativity run wild!

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