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Take a Penny Hike
Flip a coin to decide which way to travel when you go for a walk.
  • Penny
  • Snacks (optional)
  • Water bottle (optional)
Step 1
Pick Two Possible Destinations and Flip a Penny

Start your adventure. Determine your course by a flip of the coin. Pick two possible beginnings to your journey. An example might be: "Heads: Walk to the big elm tree. Tails: Go left until the end of the block." Then flip your penny and start your hike.

Step 2
Flip Your Penny Again
  • At the next junction, create two new choices. Then flip your coin.
  • You and your child can trade off deciding what the two options will be. Don't forget to throw in some silly choices, such as, "Heads: Walk to the corner backward," or "Tails: Jump all the way to the next driveway."
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