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7 to 12
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1 to 60 minutes
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Build Snow Sculptures
In this activity, you'll learn how build a snowy owl and a snowshoe hare snow sculpture.
  • Natural objects for decoration such as twigs, pine cones, pebbles, seedpods, pine needles, and icicles
  • Snow (slightly wet snow is the easiest to work with)
  • Spray bottle filled with water (optional)
  • Sculpting tools such as shovels, ice scrapers, and spoons
  • Yellow food coloring for the owl's eyes
Step 1
For the owl's body, pack some snow into a tall oval shape. Arrange a snowball on top to form the head, then carefully press it in place.
Step 2

Carve a groove on each side of the owl's body to create wings. Break some twigs into tiny pieces and press them onto the owls' body to make a feather pattern.

Step 3

For the owl's eyes, fill a small bowl with snow and stir in a few drops of yellow food coloring. Form two flat circles with your hands, then press them onto the owl's face.

Step 4

Add natural decorations such as a small pine-cone beak, twig talons, and pebble pupils.

Step 5

Mound a pile of snow into a large football shape for the hare's body. Add a snowball head on top and a small snowball tail.

Step 6

Shape long snow ears with your hands, and then set them on the hare's head. Add a bit more snow around the base of the ears and pat down to "glue" them in place. (Or use large icicles instead of snow, if you have them.)

Step 7

Add natural objects for decorations such as a pebble nose, seedpods or pebbles for eyes, and pine-needle whiskers.

Step 8

Carve lines on the hare's body to create a furry texture.



  • If the snow is too dry or powdery to work with, don't have a meltdown! Just spray it with some water as you work. This should make the snow easier to handle.
  • Once you've finished building your sculpture, mist it lightly with water so it will freeze and last longer.


Activity by Michele Reyzer. 


This originally appeared in the December-January 2013 issue of Ranger Rick magazine. Click here to download a pdf of the instructions.

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