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Groundhog Bagel Treat
On February 2, make a tasty groundhog for breakfast in honor of Groundhog Day.
  • Bagel
  • Cocoa Puffs┬« Milk 'n Cereal Bar
  • Cream cheese
  • Chocolate "puff" cereal for cheeks and "burrow dirt"
  • Half a mini-marshmallow for tooth
  • "O"-shaped cereal for eyes
  • Mini chocolate chips for eye pupils
  • Dried papaya or other fruit, cut into triangle shape for nose
  • Raisins, flattened, for ears
  • Knife for spreading cream cheese
Step 1
Make the Head

Press in the top corners of the cereal bar to round it slightly into a head shape as shown.

Step 2
Make the Face

Lay the cereal bar down on a table and, using cream cheese as "glue," attach the face parts.

Step 3
Assemble Treat
  • Spread cream cheese on the bagel and sprinkle a few crumbled-up chocolate "puff" cereal bits on top for "burrow dirt."
  • Place the decorated groundhog into the bagel hole. Now share your treat with friends or family. Happy Groundhog Day!



Created by Robin Walker.

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